Top 9 Best Newspaper Subscription In India (Must Have)

Best Newspaper Subscription In India

In a world that increasingly revolves around digital media, the charm and reliability of print news are undying. Newspapers continue to offer in-depth coverage, meticulous details, and a tangible reading experience, contributing to their popularity. From the latest global events to a pulse on local happenings, from business insights to innovations in science and tech, newspapers cater to a wide spectrum of reader interests.

In India, a vast demographic of individuals still prefers beginning their day with a hot cup of tea and a crisp newspaper. While the choices are many, some newspapers have successfully managed to carve out a niche and set a precedent in terms of content quality, credibility, and reader engagement.

We bring you the best newspaper subscriptions in India that are worth considering. Each has its unique blend of content, delivery style, and reader benefits. We will dig deep into what sets these newspapers apart, their unique features, pros, cons, and price range. Let’s get started!


TOI+ (Times of India Plus)

TOI+, a digital subscription service by the Times of India group, has been a household name in news across India since 1838.
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Mint Coupon


Launched in 2007, Mint is one of India’s premium business dailies, known for delivering crisp and comprehensive economic and financial news.
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Economic Times Logo

Economic Times

The Economic Times (ET) is one of India’s top business newspapers and the second-most read English-language business paper globally, after The Wall Street Journal.
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The Hindu Logo

The Hindu

Founded in 1878, The Hindu is one of India’s oldest and most respected English-language newspapers, known for reliable and high-quality journalism.
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HT logo

Hindustan Times

One of India’s leading English newspapers, Hindustan Times, abbreviated as HT, offers a balanced mix of national, regional, and world news.
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Economist Logo

The Economist

Founded in 1843, The Economist stands as an emblem of in-depth global analysis and astute commentary.
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live hindustan logo

Live Hindustan

Live Hindustan resonates with the heartbeat of the Indian populace.
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A paradigm shift in the way we consume magazines, Magzter brings a plethora of national and international magazines to one digital platform.
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Times Prime

Times Prime is a unique membership service, enhancing lifestyle and entertainment experiences for its subscribers.
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In the final analysis, a well-rounded understanding of the world we live in is instrumental in making informed decisions and engaging in meaningful discussions. In a country as diverse as India, with an equally diverse media landscape, the choice of the right newspaper can often make a significant difference.

While digital subscriptions like TOI+ provide convenience and a modern touch, traditional newspapers such as The Hindu and Hindustan Times continue to maintain their charm and reliability. The business newspapers – Mint and Economic Times – stand as reliable companions for industry professionals and enthusiasts, providing clear, in-depth, and insightful coverage of the business world.

The choice, ultimately, depends on the reader’s interests, lifestyle, and reading habits. It’s important to take these factors into account when making a decision, and fortunately, there are plenty of high-quality options to choose from in India.

As we continue to navigate through the changing tides of the digital age, one thing remains constant – the importance of staying informed and connected. Regardless of which newspaper you subscribe to, the critical role they play in shaping our understanding of the world cannot be overstated. As readers, it’s up to us to utilize these resources and keep ourselves informed. So, choose wisely, stay curious, and most importantly, keep reading!