How To Keep Your Wired Earphones Untangled?

Do you listen to podcasts or music frequently? During phone talks, are you relying on your earphones to allow you to express yourself? When viewing movies or playing video games on your phone or tablet, does it feel like you’re missing something when you don’t have the right headphones in? That means that your headphones play an essential role in your daily life!

How often have you pulled out your headphones from your bag or pocket to discover that they were tangled and tangled and tangled and tangled?

You must stop what you’re doing and first deal with the mess when this happens. Also, if time is of the essence, you may even attempt to untangle them while on the phone or while out and about!

Unquestionably you can imagine how frustrating this must be. We feel the same way, so we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to keep your best-wired earphones untangled.

1. Use Figure-8 Pattern

Remove your headset from your device first and foremost. It’ll make it easier to manoeuvre the cord. Then, fold or wrap your earbuds in a figure-8 pattern using your first and little fingers as guidelines.

Wrap the end in the middle and insert the earphone jack into the loops to fasten it when you’re done. This is a quick and easy way to prevent your headphones from unravelling and creating a tangled mess that you’ll regret having to undo later! As a bonus, you don’t need additional equipment to carry out this task.

2. Braid up Earphones

Braids are already second nature to some of us! When we were younger, we even made bracelets out of string! Keep your favourite noise-cancelling earphones safe by using your unique skills!

It’s as simple as braiding the wires with a standard string, and you’ve done more than give your earbuds a stylish makeover.

However, we recognize that this will take some time, but the result will undoubtedly be worth it! Just a few supplies and a little imagination are all that are required!

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3. Use a binding object

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to untangle your expensive wired earphones, improvise!

A mid-size binder clip can be used as a holding device to prevent tangled headphones in your bag or as a wrapping tool. Once you’ve attached the binder clip, start wrapping the rope around the metal arms.

What’s more, there’s a lot more. Clip it into your backpack so you can access it fast at any time. When your employer contacts you while you’re in the middle of a long commute, you’ll be glad to have this handy option at your disposal!

4. Use your phone

If you’re one of those people who can’t bear to separate your two most beloved gadgets, this method is for you!

Wrap your earbuds around your cell phone. Then, fold it around your phone by holding the open end and folding it inward.

Isn’t it simple? You’ll never lose your earbuds again, and your earbuds will always be ready and waiting for you to use them!

5. Wrap it around a card

To keep your earphones safe, use this age-old method.

It would help if you had a pair of scissors and a hole punch to turn any old, unused reward card into a working one. Puncture one hole on one end of the card and two spots on the other to create a half-moon shape.

Insert your earphones’ earbuds into the two slots on each hole. Then, slide the jack through the remaining slit after winding the wire around the card’s narrow midsection!

We’ve shown you a few tricks to keep your earbuds clean and safe. Now it’s up to you to use them. To make things even more complicated, here are some pointers on quickly and efficiently untangle a tangled mess of cables.

The first step is to avoid untangling the cord while your phone is still plugged in.

Once you’ve laid them out in a clutter-free area, begin searching for knots and undoing them one at a time until they’re all gone. To avoid damaging the internal wires, you should never yank on them too hard.

Fortunately, there’s one more way to get rid of that mess of wires: Bluetooth earphones. These truly wireless headphones may be connected to a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, allowing you to listen to music or make phone calls for long periods without interruption.

Choose earbuds with tangle-free cables instead if this doesn’t work for you! A good example is a 225-pound model from boAt.

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