LensKart Review: Best Eyewear Online?

LensKart Review

I never imagined making my first online purchase for Spectacles, but the advent of the internet and the right to free expression helped me overcome my apprehension.

For the time being, Lenskart is the only online retailer dedicated just to eyewear. They offer every typical type of eyewear, including reading glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. These inexpensive (but robust) frames are available for those shopping on a tighter budget.

Lenskart has a wide selection of name-brand eyeglasses for customers that prefer that look. Lenskart has such a large selection of eyewear and lenses that any brick-and-mortar store in your area will pale in comparison.

Service to Customers Before and After Purchases

My inquiries were all thoroughly addressed by Lenskart’s customer support team. I used their ‘Live Chat’ support feature several times before making a purchase, and every time the staff seemed knowledgeable and quick to respond to my questions. I made the payment once I was completely happy with everything.

I experimented with them a little to see how flexible they are with order modifications after payment has been processed. So, I knowingly gave them the wrong prescription and, after waiting about 12 hours, contacted them to have them make the necessary changes.

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In terms of after-sale service, the company gave me an acknowledgement letter that I could use to return the eyewear if I was unsatisfied. I had no complaints, but I wanted to ensure their return policy, so I emailed them and asked where I could drop off the item for a refund.

The response I received told me to bring the parcel to the nearest Bluedart counter, present the acknowledgement, and they’d process the refund there. Someone from Lenskart told me that my account would be credited with the money I spent and that I could use that money to buy something else. Return shipping costs are on the house. Additionally, you can use Lenskart Coupons to save extra on your purchase.

The Shipping and Handling Process

The glasses were securely packaged in the Lenskart-branded case and then placed in a cardboard box large enough to hold them and prevent any damage during standard courier transport. Finally, it was packaged in LensKart’s branded packaging and sealed to prevent the delivery boys from opening it and inspecting the contents.

Lenskart Packaging
lenskart Packaging

From ordering new glasses to having them repaired and sent to my house, it took about a week. When you consider how much is going on behind the scenes, that isn’t very long at all.

Final Verdict

Lenskart was a great place to shop because everything went smoothly for me. Users have previously stated that they have received counterfeit frames and lenses that bore the branding of the genuine article. If you’re in the market for an expensive frame, proceed cautiously.