Norton 360 Antivirus Review: Would It Be Enough?

Norton 360 Review

In 2022, Norton 360 is widely considered one of the top whole security suites. It is perhaps the most feature-rich antivirus software, has great malware detection rates, and provides good real-time protection. But exactly what safety options does Norton’s security package provide? In this review, we’ll be doing more than just looking into this antivirus; we’ll compare it against some of the most popular ones on the market and see how it stacks up.

  • One of the richest feature suites
  • Best-in-class antivirus protection
  • 100% protection against all forms of malware
  • Secure VPN and password manager included
  • Parental control features
  • Excellent mobile app
  • Not the cheapest, and no free version
  • Being prompted to open additional tabs and apps is annoying

How secure is Norton 360?

The use of Norton AntiVirus is not only recommended because it is risk-free but also because it has a lengthy track record of 100% (or very close to 100%) success in detecting viruses. However, it only managed a maximum of 6 points across protection, performance, and usability in the most current testing period by an impartial AV test (April 2022).

Malware detection ratesAV-Test zero-dayAV-Test widespreadAV-ComparativesSE Labs
Trend Micro100%100%100%92%
Norton [CPS] WW
Norton 360 Antivirus Review: Would It Be Enough?

That is to say, unlike many other antivirus applications, Norton’s protection suite was able to catch 100% of zero-day malware without missing any. As a result, their defence against malware is invincible.

Independent testing has shown that Norton 360 continues to operate even after selected files are removed, processes are terminated, and drivers are unloaded.

Norton also passed a test using specially designed ransomware, with the antivirus programme identifying the attack within seconds.

Protection Tools in Norton 360

Antivirus functions are naturally the most sought-after information by consumers. Norton 360 includes one of the best built-in security packages available. It has a powerful firewall, VPN connectivity, and real-time protection against threats.

However, what additional benefits does Norton’s security package provide? See below for a comprehensive explanation of Norton 360’s safety options.

  • Realtime Protection: Safety from current dangers. Protection against malware, spyware, ransomware, and other internet threats.
  • Malware Scanner: Many virus scans are designed to detect and eliminate malware.
  • Fast VPN: Safe and sound VPN connection. Protects your privacy by masking your IP address and encrypting all of your web traffic.
  • Smart Firewall: Anti-virus software with a smart firewall. Passive and effective firewall protection for your computer’s outgoing and incoming network traffic.
  • Stores passwords: Password managers are useful because they allow you to save all of your sensitive information in one safe location.
  • PC cloud backup: Cloud-based storage for personal computers. Space-saving and hassle-free, cloud storage eliminates the need to physically store data somewhere. Space-saving and hassle-free, cloud storage eliminates the need to physically store data somewhere.
  • Cam Protection: Protective measures from SafeCam. Maintains your privacy by preventing illegal access to the webcam on your computer.

How to install Norton Antivirus?

  1. Head to the website and choose your Norton 360 plan, now 66% OFF. [Norton Discount Here]
  2. Register your account, enter payment details, and purchase a Norton subscription.
  3. Log in to your My Norton portal and download the software.
  4. Install the software following the directions from the installation wizard.
  5. You’re all set and good to go.

Norton Plans and pricing

Norton 360 offers a lot of excellent security features. But how much does it cost? Well, there are 3 Norton 360 plans. So let’s break them down and look at what they offer at what price point.

  • Norton AntiVirus Plus: Real-time protection, PC Cloud Backup (2GB), Firewall, Password Manager.
  • Norton 360 Standard: Real-time protection, PC Cloud Backup (10GB), Firewall, Password Manager, Secure VPN, SafeCam for PC, Dark Web Monitoring.
  • Norton 360 Deluxe: Everything from the Standard plan + PC Cloud Backup (50GB), coverage for up to five devices, and Parental Control.

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How effective is Norton 360?

In conclusion, Norton 360 isn’t only a solid option; it’s also a top contender regarding antivirus programmes. It shields computers from every known cyber threat and ensures a constant, high level of security online.

Yes, there are other, less expensive antivirus options, but they rarely provide this level of protection. In addition, there are very few safeguards capable of providing the same degree of safety.

Of course, it also includes a few bonuses, such as using Norton’s built-in VPN and password manager. So it’s possible that Norton isn’t the best bargain if you’re already satisfied with another VPN package and password manager.

However, Norton 360 is nearly your only option if safety is your top priority. It claims to be completely impenetrable to the malware of any kind. And it has great features like cloud backup and parental controls to keep your devices safe. It’s a little annoying, but you’ll need to install three different apps if you want to use the VPN, parental controls, and password manager on your mobile device.

Apart from this minor issue, Norton 360 is a highly effective, efficient, and powerful piece of software. If pressed, we’d argue that Norton 360 is, hands down, the best complete antivirus solution available today.