StockEdge Premium: Plan Details & Benefits

Stockedge Premium

In the vast ocean of stock market applications, one might wonder, “Why should I consider another?” The answer lies in the unique approach of StockEdge. Unlike many other platforms, StockEdge aims to empower its users, transforming them from mere spectators to informed participants in the stock market arena.

Why StockEdge Stands Out?

StockEdge was not just designed as another stock market app. Its inception was rooted in the idea of making stock market insights more accessible to the average individual. Instead of relying on hearsay from various sources like TV, news, or social media, StockEdge offers tools that allow users to become their own analysts.

As the old adage goes, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” StockEdge embodies this philosophy.

Diving Deep into StockEdge’s Features

  1. Daily Updates Section: This section is a goldmine for anyone keen on staying updated with the latest market news. It curates essential data points that every investor or trader should monitor regularly.
  2. Advanced Technical Scans: With built-in Bullish and Bearish Technical scans, users can swiftly filter stocks for trading. Premium scans include tools like Exponential Moving Averages (EMA), MACD, and Bollinger Band, among others.
  3. Fundamental Scans: These scans allow users to sieve through stocks based on profitability, revenue, and key ratios, eliminating the need for hours of fundamental research.
  4. Combination Scans: A unique feature where users can combine both technical and fundamental aspects to derive insights.
  5. Advance Charts: These charts are not just about plotting data. They allow users to integrate fundamental indicators, offering a holistic view of stock performance.
  6. Ready Investor Groups: This feature provides a peek into the portfolios of renowned investors, enabling users to understand and learn from their investment strategies.

StockEdge Premium: A Value Proposition

StockEdge Premium is not just about advanced features. It’s about creating an ecosystem where users can make informed decisions without getting overwhelmed. With plans starting from just INR 399/-, it offers an ad-free experience, access to ready-made themed watchlists, and much more.

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Benefits of Going Premium

With StockEdge Premium, users get an edge (pun intended) in their stock market journey. From accessing premium features of the StockEdge Platform to tracking portfolios of ace investors, the benefits are manifold. Moreover, users can also avail Mutual Funds Investment suggestions tailored to various themes.

Navigating StockEdge Premium

For those who opt for StockEdge Premium and later wish to cancel, the process is straightforward. Users can navigate to their account section, find the membership section, select their membership, and click on the cancel button.

In Conclusion: StockEdge is not just another stock market app. It’s a revolution, a virtual club for stock market enthusiasts. With its unique blend of learning and expert stock tips, it’s the go-to platform for intelligent and sensible investing. So, why wait? Dive into the world of StockEdge, explore its myriad features, and embark on a journey of informed investing.