Twitter Operator Not Supported Issue

Twitter Operator Is Not Supported

Some Twitter users have reported receiving “unsupported” or “input valid number” errors while attempting to add a phone number (workaround inside)

Twitter has been around since 2006 and is a popular microblogging and social networking platform. You may send and read short messages called “Tweets” from people worldwide.

Twitter is accessible via web browsers and native app clients for many operating systems.

Twitter, however, has its fair share of problems and glitches, just like every other social media site. The most recent problem appears to be with their phone number verification method.

Twitter “unsupported” or ”enter a valid number” error

Certain Twitter users have reported an ‘unsupported’ or ‘input a valid number’ error during phone verification.

Since this affects both new and existing users on various devices, it appears to be a server-side problem.

Potential workaround

Although Twitter has not issued a formal statement on the situation, we have discovered a possible workaround that may help you.

One possible solution is to link a Google Voice number to one’s Twitter account. Any user with a G-suite account can activate the feature.

That said, we will keep an eye on the problem where Twitter users face the ‘unsupported’ or ‘enter a valid number’ error and update this story with the latest developments.

In India, Jio users seem to be facing the same; not sure why its not resolved considering the user base in India for Jio.

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