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Innovist Coupon: Flat 25% OFF On Orders Over Rs 599
Innovist Coupon: Flat 25% OFF On Orders Over Rs 599
Innovist Discount: Flat 30% OFF On Orders Over Rs 799
Innovist Discount: Flat 30% OFF On Orders Over Rs 799
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Innovist Coupon Code Flat 50% OFF On Skin Care Products
Innovist Offers Buy 2 Get 1 FREE On Flash Sale
Innovist Deals Up To 11% OFF On Hair Care Products
Innovist Discount Code Get Rs 350 OFF On Refer & Earn Offer
Innovist Promo Code Starting at Rs 495 On Sunscreen Products
Innovist Sale Up to 35% Off on Innovist

Innovist Coupons Today

Step into the world of Innovist, where cutting-edge science meets personalized care. Founded in 2018 by a trio of visionaries, Innovist is revolutionizing the Indian personal care landscape with its trio of dynamic brands: Bare Anatomy, Chemist at Play, and Sunscoop.

Each brand is a beacon of innovation; Bare Anatomy offers tailor-made hair care solutions for the discerning customer, Chemist at Play combines fun with efficacy in skincare, and Sunscoop leads the way in sun protection, a necessity in today's world.

Innovist's unique edge lies in its research-driven approach, with a dedicated lab and manufacturing unit ensuring products that are not just effective but scientifically proven. Fueled by strategic investments, including a substantial Series A funding led by Amazon Smbhav Venture Fund, Innovist is expanding its horizons.

With a robust online presence and a growing footprint in physical retail, the brand offers an omnichannel experience to meet every personal care need. Innovist is not just a brand; it's a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, making it an emerging leader in the global personal care industry.

Why Choose Innovist?

Choosing Innovist for your personal care needs comes with several compelling advantages:

  1. Innovation-Driven Products: Innovist stands out for its commitment to innovation. With each of its brands - Bare Anatomy, Chemist at Play, and Sunscoop - the company brings unique and cutting-edge products to the market. This focus on innovation ensures that customers receive products that are not just effective but also incorporate the latest advancements in personal care.
  2. Customized Solutions: Particularly with Bare Anatomy, Innovist offers personalized hair care solutions. This customization aspect caters to individual preferences and needs, making their products highly suitable for a diverse range of customers.
  3. Scientific Foundation: Innovist's approach is deeply rooted in science. With its own research lab and manufacturing facility, the company ensures that all its products are backed by scientific research and data, offering effectiveness and safety.
  4. Quality and Variety: The range of products across Innovist’s brands covers a wide spectrum of personal care needs, from hair care and skincare to sun protection. This variety, coupled with high-quality ingredients and formulations, provides customers with a comprehensive and trustworthy personal care regimen.
  5. Strategic Growth and Expansion: With significant funding and investment, including a notable Series A round led by Amazon Smbhav Venture Fund, Innovist is poised for growth and expansion. This indicates the brand's stability and commitment to long-term success.
  6. Omnichannel Availability: Innovist’s products are available both online and offline, providing convenience and accessibility to customers. This omnichannel approach ensures that customers can easily purchase their products from anywhere.
  7. Customer-Centric Approach: Innovist’s business model and product development are centered around customer satisfaction and feedback, ensuring that their offerings meet the evolving needs and expectations of their consumers.

In summary, Innovist offers a unique blend of innovation, customization, scientific rigor, and quality, making it an appealing choice for consumers looking for effective and reliable personal care products.

Innovist Product Categories

Innovist offers a diverse range of products across multiple personal care categories through its three distinctive brands:

  1. Bare Anatomy: Specializes in hair care products. This brand is known for its personalized hair care solutions, offering products like shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, hair masks, scalp scrubs, hair oils, tonics, hair protectants, and concentrated hair treatments. These products cater to various hair concerns such as dandruff, frizz, roughness, hair fall, and damaged hair.
  2. Chemist at Play: This brand focuses on skincare products. It offers an extensive collection of ceramides-infused skincare solutions, including moisturizers, serums, cleansers, and more. These products are designed to cater to different skin types and concerns, whether it be oily skin, dry skin, or other specific needs.
  3. Sunscoop: Dedicated to sun care, Sunscoop provides a range of sun protection products. These include various types of sunscreens with different formulations and textures, catering to diverse skin types and preferences. Sunscoop emphasizes the importance of sun care in daily routines, offering products that combine both mineral and chemical ingredients.

Each of these brands under Innovist's umbrella emphasizes innovation, scientific research, and customer-centric product development, ensuring a wide range of high-quality personal care options for consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Innovist and what products do they offer?

Innovist is a pioneering personal care brand from India, offering innovative and scientifically backed products across three key categories: hair care (Bare Anatomy), skincare (Chemist at Play), and sun care (Sunscoop).

How can I purchase Innovist products?

Innovist products can be purchased directly from their website, various online marketplaces, and selected retail stores. Check out their official website for the most current information on availability.

Are Innovist products suitable for all skin and hair types?

Innovist offers a wide range of products designed to cater to different skin and hair types. Detailed product descriptions and ingredient lists are provided to help you choose the best product for your needs.

Does Innovist offer customized personal care products?

Yes, particularly under their Bare Anatomy brand, Innovist offers personalized hair care solutions. You can customize products based on your specific hair type and concerns.

Are there any special discounts or coupons available for Innovist products?

Yes, you can find discounts and coupons for Innovist products on coupon sites like Check the site regularly for the latest deals and offers.

How do I use a coupon from on Innovist’s website?

To use a coupon from, copy the coupon code provided on the site and paste it into the 'Promo Code' or 'Coupon Code' box during checkout on the Innovist website.

What is Innovist's return and exchange policy?

Innovist's return and exchange policy can vary depending on the product and the purchasing platform. Please refer to their official website or the specific terms and conditions at the point of purchase for detailed information.
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