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Quicklly Discount: 15% OFF any order + Free Delivery
Quicklly Discount: 15% OFF any order + Free Delivery
Quicklly Coupon: Get Flat $10 OFF On All Orders
Quicklly Coupon: Get Flat $10 OFF On All Orders
Quicklly Coupons: Get Flat $10 OFF On Orders
Quicklly Coupons: Get Flat $10 OFF On Orders
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Quicklly Coupon Code

Step into a world where the aromatic spices of India and the rich traditions of Halal cuisine come alive in the comfort of your home. Quicklly is more than just an online marketplace; it's an experience. From the freshest Indian groceries to gourmet ready-to-eat meals and curated local restaurant deliveries, we bring the flavors of authentic ethnic cuisine straight to your table.

Teamed up with industry frontrunners like Instacart and trusted by renowned retailers such as Hy-Vee and Mariano's, Quicklly ensures both quality and convenience are paramount. As we serve up deliciousness across 10 major cities, join us on this culinary journey and discover a new world of tastes with Quicklly!

Why Choose Quicklly?

  1. Authentic Selection: Quicklly brings to your doorstep a diverse range of genuine Indian and Halal products. Every item is handpicked to ensure it meets the traditional standards of taste and quality.
  2. Unparalleled Convenience: With our easy-to-navigate platform, including the Quicklly app and website, your favorite ethnic groceries and meals are just a click away. We've streamlined the shopping experience, making it user-friendly and efficient.
  3. Curated Culinary Experiences: Quicklly isn't just a marketplace—it's a culinary journey. From ready-to-eat ethnic meals to curated take-outs from local restaurants and chefs, we provide an array of delectable options that cater to every palate.
  4. Extensive Partnerships: Our alliances with industry titans like Instacart and affiliations with renowned retailers such as Hy-Vee and Mariano's underscore our commitment to accessibility and quality.
  5. Nationwide Reach: Operating across 10 major cities in 4 states, Quicklly has established a vast network ensuring that no matter where you are, our premium offerings are within your reach.
  6. Innovative Offerings: Always staying ahead of the curve, Quicklly continuously invests in expanding its product range, including private-label pre-packaged meal kits, ensuring there's always something new to explore.
  7. Dedicated Growth and Commitment: Our exponential Year-On-Year growth is a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction, our relentless focus on marketing, nurturing supplier relationships, and product innovation.

Choose Quicklly, and embrace a world where quality, tradition, and modern convenience blend seamlessly, offering you the very best of Indian and Halal culinary delights.

Quicklly Product Categories

  1. Indian Groceries:
    • Spices & Seasonings: Turmeric, cumin, cardamom, and more.
    • Lentils & Grains: Various dals, rice varieties, and whole grains.
    • Snacks & Sweets: Samosas, pakoras, jalebis, and other treats.
    • Beverages: Chai blends, lassi mixes, and more.
  2. Halal Groceries:
    • Meats: Halal-certified chicken, beef, lamb, and other meats.
    • Dairy Products: Halal-certified milk, cheese, and yogurt.
    • Frozen Foods: Ready-to-cook halal meals and snacks.
  3. Ready-to-Eat Ethnic Meals:
    • Curries & Mains: Butter chicken, palak paneer, biryanis, and more.
    • Side Dishes: Naan, chapatis, parathas, and accompaniments.
    • Desserts: Gulab jamun, rasmalai, and other delicacies.
  4. Local Restaurant & Chef Deliveries:
    • Take-Out Meals: From regional specialties to popular dishes.
    • Chef's Special: Curated dishes from renowned local chefs.
    • Thali Sets: Complete meal platters from various Indian regions.
  5. 3rd Party Catering Services:
    • Event Catering: For weddings, parties, and special occasions.
    • Corporate Catering: For office events and meetings.
    • Customizable Menu Options: Tailored to your event's needs.
  6. Private-Label Pre-Packaged Meal Kits:
    • Vegetarian Kits: Featuring popular veg dishes with all ingredients.
    • Non-Vegetarian Kits: Curated kits for meat-based dishes.
    • Fusion Kits: Blending Indian flavors with global cuisines.

How to use Quicklly Coupons?

  1. Visit Couponzania: Head to couponzania.com to discover the latest Quicklly coupons and deals.
  2. Select Your Coupon: Browse through the Quicklly offers available and click on your desired coupon to reveal the code.
  3. Shop on Quicklly: Add your favorite Indian and Halal products to your Quicklly cart.
  4. Apply Coupon at Checkout: Before payment, paste the coupon code from Couponzania in the designated 'Apply Coupon' field on Quicklly.
  5. Enjoy Savings: Confirm your reduced total and proceed to finalize your purchase.

Remember, always check back with Couponzania for fresh Quicklly discounts and deals!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quicklly?

Quicklly is an online platform that offers a convenient way to shop for a wide range of Indian groceries, ready-to-eat meals, and meal kits. It aims to bring the flavors of Indian cuisine right to your doorstep, combining ease and variety in one user-friendly service.

What types of products are available on Quicklly?

Quicklly provides a diverse selection of products, including fresh Indian groceries, spices, ready-to-eat meals, meal kits, sweets, snacks, and beverages. They also offer a range of vegetarian and vegan options.

Does Quicklly deliver to my area?

Quicklly’s delivery services are expanding rapidly. To check if they deliver to your area, enter your zip code on their website or app.

How does Quicklly ensure the freshness of groceries and meals?

Quicklly is committed to quality and freshness. They source groceries and prepare meals close to the delivery date, ensuring products reach customers in their freshest state.

Can I order food for special dietary needs on Quicklly?

Yes, Quicklly offers a variety of food options catering to different dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and organic choices.

How can I use coupons from Couponzania.com on Quicklly?

To use a coupon from Couponzania.com, select a valid Quicklly coupon on the Couponzania website, copy the code, and apply it at checkout on Quicklly’s website or app for discounts on your order.

Does Quicklly offer a subscription service?

Quicklly may offer subscription services for regular deliveries of groceries or meals. Check their website for the latest information on subscription options.

What is Quicklly’s cancellation and refund policy?

Quicklly’s cancellation and refund policies depend on the nature of the product and the timing of the cancellation. Refer to their policy guidelines on the website for detailed information.