iBrave Hosting Experience: A Partnership Gone Sour

Two years ago, an opportunity knocked on my door when Steve, the founder of iBrave Hosting, approached me for a potential partnership. The prospect seemed promising, and I was enthusiastic about what this collaboration could bring. Little did I know, this venture would soon turn into a maze of delayed payments and unfulfilled commitments.

Initial Hiccups and Hope: In the early days of our partnership, I faced my first major hurdle: a significant delay in payment. For 6 to 9 months, I waited patiently, sending follow-up emails and trying to maintain a positive outlook. Finally, after much anticipation, iBrave honored their payment. This resolution, albeit delayed, injected a sense of hope and trust into our relationship.

The Turning Point: However, the initial payment issues were a prelude to a more troubling pattern. Approximately two years into our partnership, a concerning trend emerged. My commission, a critical component of our agreement, remained unpaid. Expecting a similar resolution as before, I reached out to iBrave, but this time, the response was starkly different.

A Cycle of Silence and Empty Promises: Over the course of the following months, I sent more than 50 emails, each echoing my previous concerns and seeking a resolution. Alarmingly, about 90% of these communications went unanswered. The remaining 10%, while acknowledged, only led to vague assurances. I was repeatedly told that the team would discuss the matter and get back to me. Yet, each promise to return with a solution faded into silence.

Impact and Reflection: This cycle of unresponsiveness and broken promises has not only affected my financial planning but also eroded the trust and respect I once held for iBrave Hosting. The partnership, which began with potential and promise, has devolved into a frustrating and disappointing experience.

Conclusion and Call for Change: As I share my story, my intention is not to defame but to shed light on the reality of my dealings with iBrave Hosting. Transparency and communication are pillars of any successful partnership, and I hope that by bringing my experience to light, there might be a chance for iBrave to re-evaluate their approach to business partnerships and customer service.

For others who might find themselves in a similar situation, my advice is to maintain detailed records of all communications and to set clear expectations from the outset of any business relationship.